Windowless Kitchen Design

There are so many different designs out there in regard to windowless kitchen designs. You have your standard side-by-side open kitchens, then you also have your modern designs that have glass fronts while being open on the sides. If you want to really do something different and create a focal point or showpiece for your kitchen, then you should consider windowless kitchen designs. Most people who look at these kinds of kitchens tend to fall in love with the designs and want to do the same themselves. However, before you rush out to get your own windowless kitchen, it is important to understand how this type of kitchen works.

Windowless Kitchen Design


One of the things you must understand about windowless kitchen designs is that they don’t usually have any sort of overhead lighting fixture above the counters. This means that when you have people cooking in this type of room, not only are you going to need a lot of overhead lighting but also a good amount of down lighting as well. Windowless kitchen countertops present an amazing opportunity to really create an exciting above-counter highlight one which can also be very practical.


There are two basic parts to a windowless kitchen: the walls and the countertop. When you go with these types of kitchens, you will find that there is no real need for your kitchen windows to actually be open. Because of the fact that the counters and walls are blank, you won’t have any sort of overhead lighting to compliment the space. Therefore, you do not need to purchase any sort of hanging lights or under-counter lights. The lights that you install on the counters and walls can be LED lights, low-voltage lights, or even bar-b-que grill lights.


Another thing to consider is the type of wood surfaces you have in your kitchen. In most cases, you are going to have wood surfaces with the windowless kitchen. However, you can find that some windowless kitchens are created with stainless steel or other materials to allow the elements in. Of course, if you do not have wood surfaces, then you can use any type of flat surface to help create a unique design for your room.


Another part of windowless kitchen design is to get the right type of window coverings to help filter out as much of the sun as possible while still allowing light to come into the space. You are going to want to stay away from blinds or curtains for this area because they will let in lots of sunlight. Instead, use shades or blinds that filter the light and allow just enough of it to come through. Some great options for this area include bamboo shades or wooden Venetian blinds. You can find all of these options in wood surfaces as well as metal or clear vinyl.


Another consideration is the lighting that you use in your kitchen. If you want the most natural light in your space, then you will need plenty of windows that allow plenty of natural light in. For the best effect, you should combine natural lighting with lighting from above or from the sides of your kitchen cabinets. You may also choose to use track lighting over the counters or along the tops of your kitchen cabinets. The goal for your windowless kitchen design is to get as much natural light and warmth into the space as possible.


Another thing that many people do not consider when they are creating a windowless kitchen is the type of flooring that they have installed. It is important to choose materials that will be able to handle the moisture and temperature changes that are going on throughout the day. If you have wood surfaces, then you should make sure that your cabinets are protected from spills and stains. Otherwise, you will quickly begin to see mold and mildew growing in places where there were once beautiful looking cabinets.


One of the things that you do not want to overlook when planning your windowless kitchen design is the lighting. Without good lighting, even well-insulated cabinets will become very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Many people install track lighting over their counters, or they may use fluorescent lighting. However, track lighting is generally not recommended for a windowless kitchen because it can create shadows. If you do decide to use fluorescent lights or a combination of track lighting and natural light, you should make sure that your cabinets are made of a sturdy material. You also need to choose durable lights so that your counters won’t fall victim to wear and tear.

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