Tips for Using Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor to Add warmth and charm to Your Home

The secret to smartly choosing and implementing farmhouse kitchen wall decor is in your ability to add an inviting element of show to already existing fittings and furniture. The key to smartly chosen shelving is to select matching containers to pour ingredients and dry goods into, ‘The secret to smartly chosen shelving is to select matching containers to pour ingredients and dry goods into,’says Melissa Masse, R&D analyst for Global Quality Solutions, LLC. “For instance, you can’t hang a wooden rack on an empty wall,” she continues.

“You can’t hang a wooden rack on an empty wall,” she continues. “And you certainly can’t hang a wooden rack on an ugly concrete wall.” It’s not about the prettiness of the space, Masse says. It’s about how it works with your existing furnishings to make your kitchen and home feel warm and inviting. And it’s about how a beautiful and smart collection of farmhouse kitchen wall decor accent pieces can complement existing furnishings and create an inviting atmosphere that will delight and serve food well.

Consider a simple collection of pottery, wooden wall art, and woven baskets that are organized by size and displayed on wrought iron stools. These items will be an eye-catching and useful combination. Add a couple of handcrafted figurines or dolls that have interesting details and you’ve got a beautiful and useful combination. Display these items in an easy-to-reach section of your farmhouse kitchen wall decor.

* An empty wall is a great way to display great pieces from your travels. Use an empty wall to display a beautiful salt and pepper shaker or an engraved metal spittoon. Not only is it an interesting piece to have on display, but it also serves a practical purpose. It’s good for an unexpected spice, such as a bottle of wine left on your stoop. Or it’s a great place to stash old holiday decorations or some homemade potpourri.

* A whimsical hanging shelf or a rustic wooden floating shelf will add beauty to your kitchen walls without being overpowering. Hang a beautiful piece of lace on a rustic wooden shelf or place a colorful pot in a rustic popcorn popper. Both of these items will immediately add charm and interest to the room while providing needed light and atmosphere. If you’re having a party, the last thing you want is your guests staring at your ugly old farmhouse kitchen wall clock!

* Don’t forget the floor. Use an interesting plant as the focal point of your rustic kitchen wall decor. Plants are a great way to add texture and color to your walls without overwhelming the space. Try a specimen plant strung from the ceiling or try an agave plant in a ceramic bowl on a wooden or wrought iron shelf. The possibilities are endless.

* Try turning an old board into a lovely lamp shade or a beautiful potted plant. The ideas are endless. You can create a charming country farmhouse kitchen gallery wall accent or turn a plain item into a beautiful piece of decor by using a decorative or rustic material to create a warm mood.

* Use a decorative or rustic photo to decorate. Family photographs, especially with old photos, are very sentimental and can be used for lots of different projects. Cropping them to the desired length and framing them with photos in black and white or shades of gray and silver will create an interesting focal point for your rustic kitchen wall decor. You can also frame old favorite photos or create a collage of pictures using items from around your home, like vintage postcards or a few items you may find on your porch. The next time you want to decorate the walls of your kitchen, consider these suggestions.

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