Kitchen Wall Art – Selecting the Best For Your Kitchen

When I think of kitchen wall art, I instantly think of my own kitchen. I have two teenagers who run around the kitchen all day, filling bowls and baking cookies. It seems that without my knowledge, my kitchen would become an oven with hot ovens, stove top and plates piled up on top of each other. If that was the case then I would not be reading this right now.

So, if that was not the case then maybe you would not be reading this. Anyway, the point is that the kitchen rules need to be adhered to in order for you and your family to enjoy this space. So, what are those kitchen rules? Well, firstly, believe it or not, you cannot hang any art piece on the wall. Not even a picture of a breakable tin can!

However, there are some exceptions to this rule so if you have a lovely piece of kitchen wall art that you want to display then you are free to add it to the decor. For example, one item that is perfectly acceptable is a framed canvas print. Another item that is acceptable is a pressed paper coffee table-style.

However, if you really want to display your artwork in your kitchen wall art then you have got to get creative. As there are no set rules when it comes to kitchen wall art, you can be as outrageous as you like. This is why I mentioned earlier that you cannot hang a picture of a frying pan on the wall, but you can use a frying pan as a decorative element on the walls. How can you do this? By displaying items from your cook books on the walls, or by using kitchen wall art theme designs.

If you want to display items from your cook books on the wall then you can always frame the image in a piece of artwork. The only problem here is that it might be difficult to find an image that you like to frame. In addition, it would take up valuable kitchen wall art space, so if you want to display several pieces then you would have to combine them. You could use a number of different images, but you should try and select designs that complement each other. Something unusual for a picture in a cook book would be quite weird. But by using a ceramic tile as a backdrop or a piece of pottery along the wall, it looks fantastic.

To help you select kitchen wall art pieces that are suitable for your kitchen then try and think about how the item will match with your kitchen decor. Obviously, if you are looking for something that will fit with a contemporary kitchen then you will probably need to look at modern art pieces. However, if your kitchen decoration is in a traditional style then you may well find it more suitable to use a vintage piece. Also, if you want your kitchen to look more organic than anything then you should look at natural art pieces. Another idea is to use small kitchen wall decoration items to give your kitchen a more open, spacious feel.

If you are buying a piece of kitchen wall decor that you will be hanging in the middle of your kitchen then you should choose something that matches both the color and theme of your kitchen. A good way to work out what kitchen wall art is right for your needs is to look at similar kitchens in magazines. What do they use? What kind of colors? Do you like pictures of fruits or flowers?

Many people these days are moving towards more rustic styles of decorating their homes. As well as giving your kitchen a warmer and cozier look, rustic kitchen wall decor looks great too. Some popular choices for rustic wall decor include old painted chairs and tables, old barrels and crockery. In the kitchen area it’s not uncommon to find a pot rack and a wine rack. The possibilities with this particular type of kitchen wall art are endless.

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