How to Create Pretty Storage in Your Kitchen

If your kitchen looks like ours, you know the problem: There’s nowhere to put all those pots, pans, and food containers. But it’s not just about not having enough space. We also want our kitchen to look pretty.

So we started looking for kitchen organization solutions that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Here are seven of our favorite kitchen storage ideas.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Spice Rack Cloche – You might already have one of these around your kitchen. Using cotton on fabric, take this simple object and turn it into a cute storage unit for spices. Simply glue on a wooden block, put on a drape of ribbon or twine, and you’re done.

Strainer Storage – You’ll never have to rummage through your trash to find that strainer again! When clean, make this DIY strainer tray by creating a rustic bowl out of wood scraps, then fill with any type of strainer (or jar lids). It will have a cute basket feel to it, without the big lid.

Recycled Bag With Straws – If you’re looking to hang things, try this cute container that holds plastic bags and straws. It’s easy to make using inexpensive recycled plastic bags. Using felt or cork, glue together two long pieces.

Cabinet Organization

For a very small space, consider an appliance cabinet with drawers. Small appliances like a mini-fridge, a mini-cooktop, and a small range are perfect for smaller kitchens, especially since they don’t take up a lot of floor space.

If you want to extend the appliance cabinet into the kitchen, you can incorporate it into a double cabinet with other storage items such as a garbage can, garbage bag, and small cleaning supplies.

Custom Organized Drawers Dandy Drawers – For a pretty traditional kitchen, consider custom drawers like this Kitchen Furniture Collection Drawers Set. The set features two low, rustic shelves (the top cabinet) that can be used as drawers.

Countertop Organization

Countertop Organizers can also help you keep your cabinets, drawers, and appliances tidy. This giant one-piece countertop organizer is pretty enough for your kitchen and can hold lots of small kitchen appliances (we love the removable cup and handle shelf in the upper part).

We like using clear containers and wire baskets to keep track of all our produce, cutlery, and spices. We also like keeping things like oven mitts, chopsticks, and baggies in clear containers.

Disposable Metal Bins is another way to keep all the stuff that you use regularly out of sight? Use some cheap plastic-looking disposable metal bins. If you aren’t ready to go with clear plastic containers for food storage, these inexpensive bins could do the trick.

Create a Pantry

I’m a hoarder, and have an obsession with storing stuff. But I’m also a DIYer, and knew I could put together my own pantry with some elbow grease, old Ikea shelves, and a few wall panels. I built my own pantry out of reclaimed wood from an old shed.

In my apartment I need a lot of space, so I used the whole shelf, and my best friend stacked her cupboards on the floor in the corner. To the right is a small laundry basket I use for paper towels, plastic bags, and plates.

For the left is a small shelf for loose snacks. Inspired by this closet from Apartment Therapy, I used the small bistro-style cabinet from IKEA and re-purposed a flour sack towel into a drying rack. I’m currently planning to make two more shelves and put hooks for drying smaller things on the ceiling above the cabinet.

Use Wall Shelves

If you want a short-term solution, try a pop-up shelf. Just paint the shelf white, pop it up, and voila! Instant shelf space! But if you want something more permanent, try something like this: a white painted magazine rack (with storage underneath) that just plugs into an outlet. They work very well for storing cheese and other small food items that you don’t want to spill.

Stack Kettles: You can organize your kitchen just by stacking pots and pans! Mix it up a little, and stack pots and pans horizontally instead of vertically. They stack nicely in just about any cabinet in the kitchen, but are also a lovely way to store the ingredients for your favorite desserts or breakfasts, too.

Use A Pot Rack

You can transform your space instantly by putting pots on your wall. To attach them to a metal pot rack, you can easily drill holes in a template. But be careful not to drill too far because your stove might get stuck.

Go Metal Walls are made of metals, but usually in an unfinished state. Metal shelves, like the ones from BuyWithMe, fix that issue by giving you a perfectly finished piece to display your dishes. Each shelf is slotted for a variety of pieces, from serving bowls to pans to lazy susans. They’re easy to install, and they come in various sizes to accommodate both standard and tall kitchen items.

Use an under-sink shelf

Storage is limited in most kitchens, so if you’re looking for extra space, try using under-sink shelves. To use one, start by mounting it on the wall. Then position some good-quality drawer pulls in the drawers, such as these from Elkay (Get your drawer pulls here). Fill drawers with jars and bottles.

When we stock our cabinets with glass jars and bottles, the mess looks intentional rather than ridiculous. As for storing leftovers, we opt for the stainless steel, plastic, or glass containers in an old salad bowl.

Grab some old, ugly doors When we can’t find something, we usually pull an old, ugly door off a peg. But we hate the looks of them once they’re in our house. So we like to take a page out of our friend’s playbook and find creative ways to repurpose them.


In the end, the key to great storage isn’t what you have, it’s how you arrange it. This free printable storage system can easily be customized for your needs. Make this one large for you and your kitchen, or customize it by using smaller individual sections.

Just stick to the standard method for aligning and laying out the sections. There are many great organization ideas and ways to make your kitchen more beautiful, but if your kitchen is looking a little drab, there are always ways to jazz it up. Do you have any of your own ideas for decorating your kitchen?

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