How to Choose a Kitchen Knife Set

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who cooks a lot or loves to cook, a kitchen knife set is the perfect choice. They make a thoughtful present for anyone who cooks. Many people enjoy spending time in the kitchen and having a nice kitchen knife collection. Knife sets come in many different sizes so you can choose a size that will allow them to handle all of the knives they want to use. The best part is, now you don’t have to always be worried about which knife to bring home to cook dinner with!


Measure your height and width of the workspace, then determine how many knives you would like to include in your first knife set. Typically, most kitchen knife sets contain one or two larger knives such as a carving board knife and a flat blade chef’s knife. These are the most commonly used knives when it comes to cooking. However, some people prefer to have other smaller knives in their first kitchen knife set. A julienne knife or paring knife will usually work just fine in a first block set.


If you prefer a chef cut or bread slicer than you may want to look at a bread knife or a paring knife. These types of knives are designed to slice, chop, or grind bread as opposed to a chef’s knife that is designed to do more. These knives are very popular with chefs and people who like to bake, since the blades are longer and more sturdy for baking. However, they do not work well for slicing raw meat.


For most people, a serrated knife is the perfect addition to their kitchen. There are several different shapes and sizes of blades available. Serrated knives are typically made of great steak knives which have been filed down to a more usable length. They may earn more points with chefs and the owner if it is used properly and it can be cleaned easily.


Some knives will need to be sharpened periodically. This is because they are more prone to wear than a sharp one. The best knives will be factory sharp, but some of the cheaper ones may not be. Some manufacturers test their products by throwing knives across the room and swinging them back and forth. If the blade does not break into two, it is most likely still in fairly good shape. Companies that guarantee their product also test their knives before sale.


Block sets are designed to create uniform cuts across the board. Each knife will be paired with its own block. It is very common for a chef to have more than one block set, so if he or she cooks a lot they can all be used together. Popular brands include Black Wolf, Wusthof, and Rembrandt.


Knife sets are usually tested in an oven on hot plates. The top of the set will be placed on a plate with a large amount of water on it. A metallic probe is pushed into the water to determine if it dissipates easily. After it has been successfully tested, it is then released from the oven. A device called a hygrometer is then used to measure the temperature of the water.


While some people prefer to buy their knives brand named, there are many other great brands that are highly rated and sold at great discounts. To find the best knife set for your cooking needs, it is best to test each one and decide which one you enjoy the most. When choosing a kitchen tool, a chef should not forget that a quality knife set will last for many years and provide a constant flow of blades.

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