Design Ideas For a White Kitchen Backsplash

Design Ideas For a White Kitchen Backsplash

A white-kitchen backsplash really gives this room a warm and new feel to it and helps to add to the overall appeal of other parts such as the cabinetry, shelves, and other decorative items. Most homeowners want their kitchens to reflect their own styles, and a white backlash is just one way of doing this. More importantly, it helps you make the most of your available space to create the impression you are after. Warmth is in the eyes of the beholder and having this particular technique applied to your kitchen can go quite a way to adding that all important pop of personality and color to this room.


The hardest part about installing a kitchen backsplash or any other area in your home is finding the right colors and materials to use. If you’ve got a great piece of stone on your wall, then use that stone to build up your countertops. If you have a nice mosaic tile on your floor, then grout and seal it up between the tiles to protect them from stains.


This technique is also great for using with gray or white counters, flooring, and cabinetry. Use a lighter shade of gray for the walls to help soften the look and contrast with the gray ceiling. You’ll also want to keep your appliances, flooring, and cabinetry in neutral colors. You might also want to keep your countertops in a neutral color as well to pull the room together. The trick is to keep everything neutral while still bringing out different individual characteristics of your appliances, flooring and cabinetry.


Using a contemporary design theme with your kitchen backsplash can add interest to even the most basic of kitchens. If you’re not sure how to go about this, check out some contemporary home decorating magazines or search online for tips on modern kitchen designs. A modern kitchen should include clean lines, plenty of natural light, and lots of storage. Most importantly, it should be comfortable. It will be the focal point of your kitchen, so make sure you get it right from the start.


To create an open shelf look, simply add open shelves to a stone countertop. To save even more money, consider buying clear glass to add some transparency to your kitchen backsplash. Another great contemporary space design idea for your kitchen backsplash is to install ceiling to floor glazing. These types of installations are fairly new, but they are very affordable.


One final suggestion for your new countertop and kitchen backsplash treatment is to install a skylight. These come in a variety of styles, but most look like mini-windowswindows. To keep with the open shelf theme, simply add horizontal bars to the top of your cabinets. These can be made of stainless steel, chrome, wood, or clear glass. Just be sure the glass is clear, as it acts as a diffuser to provide a brighter light inside of your kitchen.


Finally, if you want to keep things simple, you could opt for just cabinets and countertops. This option doesn’t require any special skills, and you’ll find that using recycled glass tiles for your cabinet and countertops is the best way to go. Recycled glass is less expensive than glass tiles, which makes this kitchen countertop and cabinet treatment option the least expensive one possible. Plus, the material is still virtually maintenance free and easy to care for.


So now that you’ve used your creativity to turn your current gray kitchen tile into a beautiful white tile backsplash, you need to think about accessories. Using various sizes and shapes of glass beads will give your counters and cabinets a very distinctive look. Similarly, you could opt for using colored glass bead or wire knobs and pulls. Finally, you can pick up a few kitchen gadgets to help make your countertop and cabinets shine even more.

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