Decorating Tips For the Kitchen – Don’t Make These Mistakes

When you see decorated kitchens on TV, they always make you want to do the same. But unless you have money or a lot of patience, there are some practical reasons why decorating your kitchen probably won’t happen. If it does, you could be spending a lot more money in the long run, and if it doesn’t, you could end up doing a lot more work yourself than you’d planned.

Let’s look at some more common design errors to avoid and how to decorate your kitchen anyway.

Wrong Flooring Type

One of the first mistakes to avoid is choosing carpeting. Carpets are expensive, and even worse, they are never going to be clean enough to be suitable for a family kitchen. If you’re going for carpet, it has to be 100 per cent wool and be at least 12mm thick to be able to stand up to life in a kitchen.

If you’re not ready for that, and you’re just going to use hardwood floors, try and choose a semi-gloss rather than a full-gloss. This way, you’ll be able to clean them easily, and it will look less like a cheap laminate. Don’t pick a color that clashes with the rest of your décor, either.

Bad Wall Colors

If you want to paint your kitchen, try to avoid bright colors like neon pink. If you want your kitchen to blend in with the rest of your home, go for softer pastel colors like rose pink or baby blue. But don’t do it too much – a splash of orange can work, but an entire wall of pink can work too.

If your kitchen walls are still white, paint them in a more subtle shade that still lets the fresh white shine through. If you can afford it, invest in a professional color-matching wallcovering to make it all work.

Patterns That Clash

Patterns on the walls are often very popular, but you don’t have to choose just one that clashes with the rest of your home. A simple white or cream wallpaper can look great, but if you choose a patterned wallpaper, it may clash with the curtains or with the sofa. Avoid doing too much design work when it comes to wallpapers as some are permanent and others are temporary.

Bad Kitchen Unit

If you’re stuck for a design idea for your kitchen, you could always go for units. Even a simple kitchen from Ikea will look great with a few bespoke units around it. If you decide to go for units, make sure you get the right size, and go for the highest quality and best kitchenware you can afford. Don’t go for unit with less more than four drawers, and definitely don’t buy cheap crockery.

Make Room For A Dishwasher

If you’re buying a new kitchen, it’s highly likely that you’ll need to use the space below where the dishwasher goes. So don’t just turn a few walls into a dining room or extra storage for the kids – plan ahead and make sure you have room for a dishwasher before you start designing your kitchen.