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Country Home Decorations to Hang on Your Wall

Classic furniture, paint and woodwork develop a framework for design, though the home decorations you wait your wall give your design personality. The walls in your home certainly are a blank canvas. The way that you fill them can define your look and personalize rooms that feel a lot more like a stage set than your home. If you’ve i never thought of hanging anything on your own walls beyond a framed picture and a clock, you’re selling your decorating short. Wall art also comes in many themes and fashoins.

Purely Decorative

Paintings, prints and posters are purely decorative, as well as their only purpose is usually to pretty up your space. Consider samplers and embroidered signs in a very country-style kitchen, a Happy Home plaque on your own family room wall and a Welcome sign just within the entry way to produce your invited guests think they’ve get home. Rustic wooden signs and plaques can set the tone to get a country primitive kitchen or help a bath room decor fit your design sensibility.


Shelves serve two purposes-they’re decorative touches that are also useful. Sculpted and carved shelves help bring country style to life while providing you room to show off treasured figurines and knick-knacks. In the kitchen, a shelf with hooks can hold an accumulation of cookbooks and provide you with an area to hang your apron near taking place.

A decorative spice shelf inside the same wood as the kitchen table may help bring your home design together, while a traditional white letter organizer with key hooks from the door helps you keep everything together neatly while adding a decorative touch in your walls.

Blankets and Throws

An embroidered blanket, crocheted throw or woven fleece blanket can make a dramatic statement when you hang it about the wall. It’s an excellent choice in case you have a large, high wall where smaller artwork would get swallowed up through the space, or if the wall is small enough that the throw covers it completely, substituting for a wall mural. Choose blankets that have a dominant color or pattern, say for example a Southwestern print blanket, or one having a picture that matches your decor. Blankets with pictures of kittens, flowers or athletes can be a great way to fill up space over a child’s or teen’s bedroom wall, and they provide you with the benefit of helping insulate both from cold and noise.

Photo Frames

Nothing produces a room as cozy as family pictures for the wall. Photo frames help safeguard your precious memories from damage while accenting them and complementing the niche and colors in the photos. There are thousands of forms of picture frames, which opens up unlimited possibilities for arranging photos and frames on the walls.

Tradition dictates that 8×10 frames and larger are suitable for wall hanging-but that tradition fell by the wayside way back when. Choose the pictures you love without regard to size and then obtain the frames that display them best. Your choices include collage frames, which hold many photos, in addition to groupings of frames hung on ribbons so that you can hang several photos in the row. Don’t forget that shelves provide even more space for displaying your photos in standing frames.

When you’re choosing home decorations, take a step outside tradition and consider unusual and non-traditional wall decor and wall art that flaunts your own personal style.

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