Colour Combinations For Kitchens

A good kitchen color combination can add new life to your tired home decor. But if you feel like you are a bit lost as to what the right combinations might be, fear not. With a little work and research, you will soon find yourself equipped to implement the perfect kitchen color combination that will revitalize your space and make it feel new again. When choosing a color palette, start out with the color you most identify with. If you have a favorite flower, tree, rock or song, incorporate that into the kitchen design.

Black and Yellow. A simple yet stunning black and yellow combination creates a strong yet inviting kitchen environment. The darker shades of yellow to create a dramatic, earthy tone. Use black as a base colour and add highlights of colour throughout the kitchen with complimentary accessories such as white candles or dried flowers. amp up visual appeal by adding a black-and-yellow wallpaper, backsplash, tile or stone flooring.

Blue and Pink. A pink and blue kitchen colour combination are sophisticated, soothing and absolutely lovely. Pair fresh linens with soft blues, then compliment those shades with touches of sunshine in the forms of fresh flowers. Install a few sun-flowers on your counter tops to bring in some of that much needed natural light.

Orange and Magenta. This popular kitchen design combination is very uplifting. It evokes the feeling of energy and vitality. Pair warm, rich oranges with a touch of magenta for a visually dynamic room that anyone will surely enjoy. If you want an orange and magenta themed room without a lot of work, then use this as your inspiration: simply take the best color combination from the palettes in your kitchen and paint them all over.

Yellow and Green. This is the most popular colour combination in kitchens today. Warm, vibrant yellow and cool shades of green are both very inviting, while also being very practical and helpful to your health. This is a great option if you don’t want to go for the overwhelming lime and orange shades, but still want a healthy and attractive room.

Turquoise and Brown. Very peaceful, yet extremely inviting, turquoise and brown are very popular as calming colours. These combinations can create a lovely atmosphere that many homeowners find comforting and relaxing. They are a wonderful alternative to more bold schemes, such as lime and orange or white and gold. When paired with other colours, such as blue or red, they can create an amazing effect.

Brown and Grey. Brown and grey are very elegant, yet very neutral. They work very well with just about any colour scheme, as long as it doesn’t include too much contrast or extra colours. In particular, these two colours can work very well if you have white cabinets. Black and grey are also very nice when used in a kitchen, as are red and yellow. The idea behind this colour scheme is that there should be just enough contrast between the colours to show off their best features without being too overwhelming.

Orange and Yellow. This is another example of a very popular colour combination – orange and yellow. You’ll find that orange and yellow tend to be the easiest to complement, so this is a good colour scheme to start out with. If you’re looking for a fresh vibe, however, you may want to consider using green instead.

Orange and Red. There’s something very comforting about pairing orange and red together. These two colours can be paired with almost any other shade to create some interesting effects. Different shades will work better with different shades, though, so be sure to experiment to see what works best for your room.

Grey and Greys. Grey and greys are one of the most classic colour combinations. You’ll often find a white back splash in a kitchen, since it helps show off a sleek, clean design. However, if you really want a rustic vibe in your space, then consider pairing brown and greys. Pairing greys with black gives your kitchen a very worn-in look, while pairing browns and grays give you a very earthy feel.

If you’re working on a budget, you can still create a great kitchen design by finding cheap solutions to problems like busy kitchen counters or missing floor tiles. There are plenty of DIY projects out there that will solve these problems, or you can go to your local DIY store and pick out everything yourself. You can also purchase coloured cabinet pulls to replace broken or missing hardware on your cabinets as well as coloured tile borders to add a little pizzazz to your kitchen’s walls.

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