Black Kitchen Cabinets – A Contemporary Twist For Your Kitchen

If you love black, you’re not alone. Black is a very popular color for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. In fact, black kitchen cabinets are the most cost-effective way to style an upscale kitchen, they add a homey, yet sophisticated touch.

Whipping up the perfect black kitchen cabinet is easier than you think, with the right black paint in the right place. We’ve put together this guide to help you take the guesswork out of creating a black kitchen with furniture and home accessories. Read on to find out how to make your home and fittings just that little bit blacker.

Dark Glossy Black

The key is a dark glossy black – in other words, you need a black that’s near-black, inky or just very black. While most of us expect a black kitchen to be in the grungier, more industrial end of the color spectrum, this is increasingly not the case. Dark glossy black is really lovely. Why? It’s quite close to what you see in furniture and interior design, which is made with a lighter, matter color for much of the scheme.

Black Kitchen Cabinet

Contrary to popular belief, black is not just for black cats. Black cabinets can be very beautiful and provide that pop of color that can freshen up your kitchen. However, you should not use black alone because it’s just too dark. There are a few combinations you can use—burgundy, navy, and black-and-white. If you’re thinking about using a black paint color for a cabinetry color, consider painting the upper portion of the cabinets with a subtle gray or light shade of gray.

If you’re thinking of a black cabinet, you’ll need a dark matt-finish paint to put it on. Because the black color will be thicker on the wall, you’ll need a black matt-finish paint that’s close to your appliance, or your paint might not take on as much shine. Choose a deep gloss, or indeed matt black – whichever you prefer, a matte-finish paint won’t lift the gloss of your dark appliance.

Shiny White With Black

Painting the countertop in a black granite color makes it appear more modern, but doesn’t limit you to a boring black-and-white finish. While the black granite is definitely an eye-catching countertop, you can also include a shiny white granite countertop with a black top to give the kitchen an upscale, more modern feel. The white countertop with a black top offers an elegant alternative to black and is more understated, but still has plenty of shine.

Using the Moiré Effect

When people see a polished chrome cabinet, they don’t think they need to paint their kitchen. You can get the same effect by filling the center of the cabinet with a matte black. When you highlight it with white or stainless steel on the doors, the chrome of the cabinets will stand out. This technique is a great way to add more depth to a space, while allowing the natural woodgrain to peek through.

Wipe Them Clean

After painting your black cabinet, get them cleaned. When the paint is dry, give your cabinets a good wipe down with a brush or sponge. If there are chips or surface damage, you can spray on a primer. If you’re still having trouble with any white staining from the black stain, remove the cabinet doors and applying wood filler or polyurethane before painting.