5 Modern Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

Making a small kitchen work can be difficult. The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you prepare delicious meals for your family, and it’s also the place where you spend a lot of your time (when you’re not in the living room).

But when your kitchen is on the smaller side, you’re limited to what you can do. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed. It just means you’re going to have to get creative. Here are five modern kitchen designs that will make your small space feel just a little bit bigger.

Design 1 Open Kitchen

Do you love the idea of a functional, open-kitchen design? Well, this open kitchen design is going to fulfill all your dreams. This design is giving off a chic vibe, and that’s exactly the idea behind this open kitchen.

In the living room, you can enjoy cooking with this open kitchen design. The idea is that you’ll be able to enjoy great meals with family and friends, and not feel limited in terms of space. But this open kitchen design also has a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

In the kitchen, you’ll be able to keep a small rack of pots and pans with an overhead door. And this designer also added bar stools to the table. You can sit at the bar while you’re cooking and munch on some tasty snacks.

Design 2 Half-kitchen

This kitchen design consists of two different halves – a smaller kitchen on one side and a larger kitchen on the other.

The first half includes all the amenities you need in a small kitchen, including a blender, refrigerator, stove, and sink. The second half of the kitchen is separated from the main space by a countertop and cupboards.

For most of the time, you won’t be cooking, but instead eating, drinking, and working on the computer. This kitchen design is a bit smaller but comfortably seat a small family (or one person alone) in an open-floor space that feels open and spacious.

Design 3 Corner Kitchen

This kitchen isn’t really that small, but it does have a surprising amount of space–so much so that it works perfectly for a modern farmhouse feel. I really like the 3-corner layout, which doesn’t waste any space and fits the scale of the room.

We also created a center island for practical use and for people to gather around. In the area above the sink, we have opened up the space into a galley style with glass french doors that provide a continuous dining area. The glass also frames the beautiful landscape beyond.

kitchen also makes good use of light. The upper cabinets feature glass shelves that are completely surrounded by glass with a beautiful ocean-side view.

Design 4 Island Kitchen

If you’re looking for a kitchen design that’s a little different from the norm, it might be worth considering an island-style kitchen. These are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, and they can work wonders if you’re looking to maximize your space.

Instead of placing a single island into the middle of your kitchen, choose a single island unit. This kitchen design is made up of a single wide worktop with all the kitchen amenities (a sink, faucet, fridge, range and cooker) arranged around the edge of the island.

As the name suggests, a single island is also a perfect space for entertaining. Add a walk-in pantry and additional cabinetry to make the best use of the space. If you’re after a sleek, minimalist look in your kitchen, it doesn’t get much better than this kitchen design. This kitchen is designed to make the best of a relatively small space.

Design 5 Corner Island Kitchen

This kitchen can fit all of your cooking gear in one spot. As you’re probably aware, one of the best parts of cooking is watching what you’re making while you’re doing it. But this island allows you to watch the kids play while you prepare dinner.

The island also doubles as an eating counter. And, as you can see from the top photo, it has a few other functions, too. The metal is a nice touch.

This kitchen has a lot going on — not only does it have a built-in shelving unit, but it also has a narrow work area that’s hidden behind a wall. On top of that, the design also has a half-wall separating the kitchen and the dining area.


The kitchen is where you cook your meals, entertain, spend time with your loved ones, and just relax. And while it can seem challenging to design a small kitchen, you can always take the stress out of it by making the right choices.

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